Manuals and Lectures

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Famous Trials- Professor Douglas O. Linder, UMKC School of Law
Nova Southeastern Univ. – Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren – Problem Solving Justice, Reducing Recidivism and Promoting Public Safety
McGeorge School of Law – Judicial Ethics and Accountability
Federal Judicial Center – Judicial Ethics
Federal Judicial Center – Judicial Ethics, Part 2
Federal Judicial Center – Judicial Ethics, Part 3
University of Virginia – Criminal Procedure Revolution
Federal Judicial Center – Supreme Court Decisions
Yale Law School – Will the People Follow the Court?
University of California – Genocide
Is There Truth in Interpretation? Law, Literature and History
Harvard Law School – Environmental Law Series
Yale Law School – Immigration and the Civil Rights Agenda
USC Law School – Constitutional Law Class — Prof. David B. Cruz
Stanford Law School – Stanford Constitutional Law Center Presents
Yale Law School – With Liberty and Justice for Some
Federal Judicial Center – Criminal Pre-Trial Proceedings – Part 1
Federal Judicial Center – Sentencing and Guidelines: Basic Applications – Part 1
Federal Judicial Center – Sentencing and Guidelines: Criminal History Issues
Federal Judicial Center – Sentencing and Guidelines: Judge Diana Murphy
Federal Judicial Center – Charging and Sentencing After Apprendi
Federal Judicial Center – Perspectives on Probation and Pretrial Services
Federal Judicial Center – The USA Patriotism and Military Commissions
Federal Judicial Center – Federal Jurisdiction (Part 1)
Federal Judicial Center – Federal Jurisdiction (Part 2)
Federal Judicial Center – Federal Jurisdiction (Part 3)
Federal Judicial Center – Removal Jurisdiction: Hot Topics

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Court-Ordered Mental Examinations of Capital Defendants
Admiralty and Maritime Law
ADR in the Federal District Courts
Benchbook for U.S. District Court Judges
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
Capital § 2254 Habeas Cases
Chambers and Case Management
Criminal Jury Instructions
Jurors’ Use of Social Media During Trials and Deliberations
The Politics of Judicial Administration
Ethics for Federal Judicial Law Clerks
Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
Immigration Law: A Primer
Judge and Attorney Concerns Regarding Expert Testimony
Judge-Involved Supervision Programs
Judicial Disqualification
Judicial Independence in the United States
Jury Selection Procedures in United States District Courts
Comparative Study of Jury Selection Systems
Jury Service in Lengthy Civil Trials
Keeping Government Secrets
The Roles of Magistrates in Federal District Courts
Manual on Recurring Problems in Criminal Trials
Manual for Complex Litigation
Resource Guide for Managing Prisoner Civil Rights Litigation
Pro Se Litigants in U.S. District Courts
U.S. Rule of Law Assistance: A Guide for Judges
Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence
Section 1983 Litigation
National Security Prosecutions: Protective Orders
National Security Case Studies Special Case Management
National Security Case Management: An Annotated Guide
The Voir Dire Examination, Challenges, and Adversary Advocacy