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One of the really fun parts of running this organization is being able to share with the law and justice profession innovative approaches, truly meaningful resources, and exceptional opportunities for professional advancement. This is one of those times when I take great joy in sharing a resource that meets all three of these criteria. I know that it won’t have applicability to many of us, but there are those in our organizations that could really benefit from this program. Just imagine the impact that FREE college courses may have on someone in your organization that hasn’t yet had the opportunities that you have to experience REAL collegiate education. The array of opportunities is simply staggering. Access to all courses is FREE and you can even add a moderate fee to have the course apply to a Certificate of Instruction through one of the major universities participating in the program. Take a look at the link below. We think you’re going to love it. I would also encourage you to share it with your colleagues. They probably haven’t heard of it yet.


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