Juvenile Justice

This feature of the Justice Academy is provided to facilitate the distribution of exemplary training and educational resources by colleges and universities to the law and justice profession.



Reports, Whitepapers, and Relevant Textual Materials
Juvenile Justice: A Century of Change
Juvenile Offenders and Victims
United Nations Report on Juvenile Delinquency
UNICEF Report on Juvenile Justice
ABA- The History of Juvenile Justice
Juvenile Justice in the U.S. – Facts for Policymakers
The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act
Minority Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
Improving the Juvenile Justice System for Girls
Law Enforcement’s Leadership Role in Juvenile Justice Reform

Conference Proceedings and Commercial Production Videos
A New Model for Juvenile Justice
Juvenile Status Offenders And Their Families / Educational Documentary Video
Juvenile Court Documentary
Juvenile Arrest and Detention Process
San Diego Juvenile Delinquency Court Video
Understanding the Juvenile Justice System
Inside Juvenile Detention: Aaron
Scared Straight 1978
Inside Juvenile Detention: Court Day
Life in Prison for Juveniles?
PrimeTime – Juvenile Prisons
Young Kids, Hard Time Director’s Cut