This collection of the Justice Academy is made possible through the cooperation and support of the Congressional Research Service. The materials contained within this section provide an extensive litany of valuable information pertinent to worldwide terrorist attacks, political ideology, factions, and strategic objectives.



Congressional Research Service Reports on Terrorism

Terrorism and Transnational Crime: Foreign Policy Issues for Congress
Terrorist Watch List Screening and Background Checks for Firearms
Terrorism Risk Insurance: Issue Analysis and Overview of Current Program
The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Terrorism Investigations
Terrorism, Miranda, and Related Matters
Ricin: Technical Background and Potential Role in Terrorism
Latin America: Terrorism Issues
American Jihadist Terrorism: Combating a Complex Threat
The Domestic Terrorist Threat: Background and Issues for Congress
The Project BioShield Act: Issues for the 112th Congress
The Financial Action Task Force: An Overview
Project BioShield: Authorities, Appropriations, Acquisitions, and Issues
Osama bin Laden’s Death: Implications and Considerations
Terrorist Use of the Internet: Information Operations in Cyberspace
Federal Efforts to Address the Threat of Bioterrorism: Selected Issues for Congress
Al Qaeda and Affiliates: Global Presence, and Implications for U.S. Policy
Terrorism and Security Issues Facing the Water Infrastructure Sector
Countering Terrorism in East Africa: The U.S. Response
U.S.-China Counterterrorism Cooperation: Issues for U.S. Policy
Terrorist Attacks on Commercial Airlines: Federal Criminal Prohibitions
The National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility: Issues for Congress
Terrorism in Southeast Asia
Project BioShield: Purposes and Authorities
Oversight of High-Containment Biological Laboratories: Issues for Congress
Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai, India, and Implications for U.S. Interests
Iraq and Al Qaeda
Suits Against Terrorist States By Victims of Terrorism
Botnets, Cybercrime, and Cyberterrorism: Vulnerabilities and Policy Issues for Congress
National Strategy for Combating Terrorism: Background and Issues for Congress
Saudi Arabia: Terrorist Financing Issues
Nuclear Power Plants: Vulnerability to Terrorist Attack
Al Qaeda: Statements and Evolving Ideology
Project BioShield: Appropriations, Acquisitions, and Policy Implementation Issues
Terrorist Precursor Crimes: Issues and Options for Congress
Trends in Terrorism: 2006
Combating Terrorism: The Challenge of Measuring Effectiveness
Agroterrorism: Threats and Preparedness
Abu Sayyaf: Target of Philippine-U.S. Anti-Terrorism Cooperation
Treatment of “Battlefield Detainees” in the War on Terrorism
Terrorist Capabilities for Cyberattack: Overview and Policy Issues
International Terrorism: Threat, Policy, and Response
“Terrorism” and Related Terms in Statute and Regulation: Selected Language
Bioterrorism Countermeasure Development: Issues in Patents and Homeland Security
Federal Counter-Terrorism Training: Issues for Congressional Oversight
Material Support of Terrorists and Foreign Terrorist Organizations: Sunset Amendments 
Terrorism and National Security: Issues and Trends
Homeland Security: Protecting Airliners from Terrorist Missiles
Al Qaeda: Profile and Threat Assessment
Material Support of Terrorists and Foreign Terrorist Organizations: Sunset Amendments
Terrorist Financing: U.S. Agency Efforts and Inter-Agency Coordination
Islamist Extremism in Europe
Islamic Terrorism and the Balkans
Terrorist Screening and Brady Background Checks for Firearms
Lawsuits Against State Supporters of Terrorism: An Overview
Cuba and the State Sponsors of Terrorism List
Terrorism Risk Insurance: An Overview
Terrorist Financing: The 9/11 Commission Recommendation
Removing Terrorist Sanctuaries: The 9/11 Commission Recommendations 
Nuclear Terrorism: A Brief Review of Threats and Responses
Terrorism in Southeast Asia
U.S. Anti-Terror Strategy and the 9/11 Commission Report
Terrorist Nuclear Attacks on Seaports: Threat and Response
Immigration: S Visas for Criminal and Terrorist Informants
The Department of Defense Rules for Military Commissions: Analysis of Procedural Rules and Comparison with Proposed Legislation and the Uniform Code of Military Justice
Terrorism and the Law of War: Trying Terrorists as War Criminals
Terrorist Attacks and National Emergencies Act Declarations
Germany’s Role in Fighting Terrorism: Implications for U.S. Policy
Terrorism in South Asia
Port and Maritime Security: Potential for Terrorist Nuclear Attack Using Oil Tankers
Terrorism: Background on Chemical, Biological, and Toxin Weapons 
The Supreme Court 2003 Term: Summary and Analysis of Opinions Related to Detainees in the War on Terrorism
The Department of State’s Patterns of Global Terrorism Report: Trends, State Sponsors, and Related Issues
Small-scale Terrorist Attacks Using Chemical and Biological Agents: An Assessment Framework and Preliminary Comparisons,
Errata to CRS Report on Small-scale Terrorist Attacks
Comments on CRS Report on Small-scale Terrorist Attacks
Greece: Threat of Terrorism and Security at the Olympics
Terrorist Identification, Screening, and Tracking Under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 6
Illicit Drugs and the Terrorist Threat: Causal Links and Implications for Domestic Drug Control Policy
Terrorist Attacks by Al Qaeda pre- and post-9/11,
Foreign Terrorist Organizations
The BioWatch Program: Detection of Bioterrorism
Terrorist Dirty Bombs: A Brief Primer
Terrorist Motivations for Chemical and Biological Weapons Use: Placing the Threat in Context
International Terrorism in South Asia
The FTO List and Congress: Sanctioning Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Computer Attack and Cyber Terrorism: Vulnerabilities and Policy Issues for Congress
High-Threat Chemical Agents: Characteristics, Effects, and Policy Implications
Terrorists and Suicide Attacks
Terrorism and Security Issues Facing the Water Infrastructure Sector
Al Qaeda after the Iraq Conflict
Intelligence to Counter Terrorism: Issues for Congress
Abu Sayyaf: Target of Philippine-U.S. Anti-Terrorism Cooperation
Indonesian Separatist Movement in Aceh
Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors, 2002
Terrorism: Automated Lookout Systems and Border Security Options and Issues
Terrorism and the Military’s Role in Domestic Crisis Management
Terrorism, the Future, and U.S. Foreign Policy
Hamas: The Organizations, Goals and Tactics of a Militant Palestinian Organization