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Police Leadership Forum – 2015
Executive Panel – 2015 Police Leadership Forum
Command Panel – 2015 Police Leadership Forum
Line Level – 2015 Police Leadership Forum

Lectures, Speeched, and Presentations
The Art and Practice of Performance Psychology
The Basics of Good Project Management
Exploring the Matrix Model for Addictions Treatment
Mental Toughness for Creating Outrageous Achievement
Bullying in a Cyber World
Breaking the Cycle of Violence Against Women
Parents Who Cheat
Introduction to Forensic Psychology – Part I
The Interpersonal Neurobiology of Addiction
Best Practices in Project Management: Coping with Conflict
Recovery and Addiction: Evidence-Based Relapse Prevention
Adapting at the Speed of Change
Virtual Treatment: Overcoming Barriers to Accessing Treatment
Cognitive Behavioral Narrative Treatment for Children with Depressive Symptoms
Treating Addiction from All Angles: A Whole-Person Approach