Oregon Criminal Justice Commission

The mission of the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission is to improve the legitimacy, efficiency, and effectiveness of state and local criminal justice systems. The Commission’s focus involves the analysis, public policy planning, mechanism development, assessment, and innovation of effective criminal justice plans and strategies to improve the effectiveness of state law enforcement and justice actions. The presentations listed deal with a variety of topics that are not only relevant to the State of Oregon, but many jurisdictions. These webcasts were produced by the Commission and portray the proceedings of the February 2017 assembly.


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Victims and Justice Reinvestment in Oregon
Data Driven Justice Reinvestment Outcomes
Stepping Up to Reduce Mental Illness in Jails
Reimagining Public Defense
Pre-trial Justice & The National Criminal Justice Reform Project
PCS: Does Lowering Penalties Improve Public Safety?
Reentry Housing Strategies and Best Practices
Ongoing Role of Prosecutors in Justice Reinvestment
RURAL Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (Rural LEAD)
The Pathways from Trauma to Legal Offenses and Diversion