New York Police Department

In our continuing search for valuable resources that benefit the national audience of law and justice professionals, seeks to provide convenient links to assets produced by exemplary training academies, such as those created by the New York Police Department, and make them available to all officers throughout the country. We greatly appreciated the NYPD’s cooperation in making the videos listed below available.


Inside the NYPD
NYPD “Biggest Gang Of New York
The Urban Agenda: William Bratton
NYPD Neighborhood Policing -James O’Neill
NYPD Responding to an Officer Down Call
Detective Steven McDonald Speech
NYPD Police Academy Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
NYPD Crime Statistics Briefing
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly at War Studies Conference
Police Commissioner James O’Neill, Citizens Crime Commission
State of NYPD 2017 – Commissioner O’Neill