The information contained below has been assembled from a variety of publicly available sources and provides a depth and breadth of knowledge pertinent to street and prison gang enterprises. This collection has been assembled to assist law enforcement and prosecutors in acquiring a demonstrative level of understanding of the culture, values, purpose, and composition of criminal gangs. We are of the opinion that these resources accurately reflect the contemporary state of affairs of criminal gangs and will provide those interested in learning about these organizations with a solid foundation of understanding. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of the producers and authors of these materials in making them available.


Textual Materials Relative to Street and Prison Gangs
History of Street Gangs in the United States
The Youth Gangs, Drugs, and Violence Connection
Street Gangs and Interventions
Drugs and Gangs Fast Facts – US Department of Justice
Organized Crime and Gang Violence
Governance and Prison Gangs
An Overview of the Challenge of Prison Gangs
Management Strategies in Disturbances and with Gangs
Security Threat Groups and Other Major Street Gangs
Prison Gangs – Danilo Freire
Understanding Gangs and Gang Mentality
Civil Gang Injunctions – National District Attorneys Association
The Civil Gang Injunction
RICO Prosecution and DMST Offenses
Summary of Gang Prosecution – Institute for Law and Justice
Organized Crime – US Department of Justice

Selected Video Presentations and Documentaries
LA Gangs Documentary 2017
Las Vegas Gangs Documentary 2017
Extreme Mexican Prison Gangs
The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas | Prison Gangs
Mexican Mafia Documentary 2016
The New Dangerous Mexican Mafia Documentary
Mara Salvatrucha MS13 – America’s Deadliest Gang
Sons Of Silence The Most Violent Biker Gang In USA
The Irish Mafia – The Oldest Gang In USA
Puro Tango Blast Street Gang Of Texas
California Prison Gangs
Memphis Gangs Documentary 2017
Los Zetas – The Most Brutal Drug Cartel In The World
California Gangs | TRG Gang | Documentary 2017
Haitian Gangs In Miami Documentary 2017
San Francisco Gangs Documentary 2017
Crime Documentary – GANGLAND – From Girl to Gangster
Nomads Pagan The Biker Wars Gang Crime Documentary
New Orleans Gangs Documentary 2016
The Gangsters Disciples Documentary 2017
Gangs In The US Army Documentary 2017
The Most Vicious Gangs In Memphis 2016 Documentary
South Carolina Gangs Documentary 2017
DEADLY Gangs in Minneapolis Documentary 2016
Gangs in Denver Documentary 2017
New Jersey Gangs Documentary – Trentons
Chinese Gangs Documentary
White Supremacy Documentary 2017
Gangs of Phoenix Documentary
Nuestra Familia Documentary 2017
Native American Gangs Documentary
Illinois Gangs Documentary – The Vice Lords
Crips Gang Documentary 2017
Gangs in Los Angeles Documentary 2017