Problem Oriented Policing Webinar
Problem-Oriented Policing and Community
The Origins of Problem-Oriented Policing
Technology and Policing
Benefits of Collaborative Policing Webinar
Smart Policing Officers
Crime Reduction Best Practices
Predictive Policing
Policing the digital crimes of today
– Centralized and Decentralized Police Systems
10 Tips for Buying Predictive Policing Software
Part 01 – Police Workloads And Officer Discretion
Part 02 – Police Workloads And Officer Discretion
Part 03 – Police Workloads And Officer Discretion
Crime Analysis in the Smart Policing Initiative
Research That Matters Webinar
Targeting Offenders
Crime Control Through Collective Efficacy
Social Network Analysis
Basics of Evaluation
Less Lethal Technologies in Law Enforcement Webinar (Aug 2015)
Collaborating with Communities of Color
21st Century Policing
Police-Probation Partnerships to Promote Successful Reentry
ArcGIS: Applications for Law Enforcement
Face Recognition and Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement: The Use of Deadly Force
Legally Defensible Policies for Effective & Constitutional Policing
Law Enforcement, First Responders & People with Disabilities
Law Enforcement on Prosecuting Immigration Services Fraud
Transgender and Law Enforcement
Program Law Enforcement Response to Drugs
Getting to Know ArcGIS Enterprise for Law Enforcement
New Law Enforcement Solutions with ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS For Local Government
Identity Theft and Financial Crimes
Police Governance 101
Practical Strategies to Build Trust Between Police and Youth
Crime Analysis in the Smart Policing