Center for Court Innovation

This section of the Justice Academy presents selected publications relevant to the courts and has been made possible through the support and cooperation of the Center for Court Innovation. These materials have been made available for your use, under the Fair Use Doctrine. Please note and respect the copyright requirements associated with each article in this collection. For a complete listing of periodicals and reports by category please visit The Center for Court Innovation at


A Decade of Change: The Center for Court Innovation
The Center for Court Innovation: Annual Report 2012
The Center for Court Innovation: Annual Report 2011
The Center for Court Innovation: Annual Report 2010
Addressing Foreclosed and Abandoned Property
Applying Problem Solving Principles in Main Stream Courts
A Comprehensive Community Justice Model – Baltimore
The Problem-Solving Innovations of Community Prosecutors in Smaller Jurisdictions
Breaking with Tradition: Introducing Problem Solving in Conventional Courts
Child Support Protocol A Guide for Integrated Domestic Violence Courts
Prostitution Diversion Programs
A Roundtable Conversation about Community and Restorative Justice
Ten Community Prosecution Leadership Profiles
Community Prosecution and Serious Crime
The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in New York City
Using Data to Plan a Community Justice Project
Civil Domestic Violence Courts: Key Principles
Combining Research and Practice
Avoiding Failures of Implementation
Public Safety Strategies for Addressing Mortgage Fraud and the Foreclosure Crisis
Informed Decisions: Technology in the Courtroom
Law Enforcement and Public Health
Drug Treatment, Managed Care, and the Courts
A National Compendium of Domestic Violence Courts
A National Portrait of Domestic Violence Courts
A Statewide Evaluation of New York’s Adult Drug Courts
Recidivism Among Parolees in New York City, 2001-2008
Do Reentry Courts Reduce Recidivism?
A Pilot Program on Youth Engagement