Driver Text Blocking Initiative

Traffic collisions caused by texting result in nearly 1.6 million accidents every year and 500,000 preventable injuries and deaths. Since there are free APPS in existence that can block all texts on both Androids and iPhones, and which essentially disable this feature from everyone’s cell phone while driving, and since people seem either unable or unwilling to stop such foolish behavior, why is it that we as a profession have not yet taken positive action to influence new legislation and corporate action to make this feature mandatory in all states, for all drivers? The Justice Academy is sponsoring a new initiative designed specifically to raise awareness of this (resolvable) problem and to influence a national level debate concerning the merits of new legislation designed to make mandatory the use of blocking technology. All cell phone carriers have the ability to “push” software updates to every type of cell phone in use. Insurance companies can also provide assistance by requiring the adoption of such technologies, as a condition of policy issuance, which means with a simple new requirement adopted by every state legislature mandating the use of such blocking software, and a little cooperation from cell phone carriers and the insurance industry, the law and justice profession can (essentially) take positive action to eliminate half a million deaths and serious injuries every year that are caused by people texting while they are driving. Isn’t it time we stopped talking about this issue and actually did something to eliminate it. This is an easy problem to solve (technologically speaking) and yet we haven’t resolved it. We encourage your active involvement in this initiative and invite you to take action in your jurisdiction to raise awareness that leads to a solution. If you have an interest is becoming part of this initiative, please email the Executive Director at [email protected]

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