California Training Institute

This section of the Justice Academy presents selected publications provided by the California Training Institute. CTI’s mission is to serve as a premier provider of specialized, cutting-edge training products, and safety and risk management services to law enforcement, government agencies, and aviation organizations worldwide, using innovative, science-based solutions, and related services that will increase their clients’ productivity and significantly reduce organizational risk. The Justice Academy greatly appreciates the support and cooperation of the leadership at CTI in making these materials available to the national audience of law and justice professionals. For a complete listing of periodicals and training opportunities made available through CTI, please visit their website at


Introduction to the Science of Human Factors
Stress and Performance – Part 1
Stress and Performance – Part 2
Situational Awareness and Decision Making
Distortion of Time and Space Under Stress
Measuring and Understanding the Stress Response in Tactical Situations
Murder or Stress Induced Hypervigilance
Officer Involved Shootings
Survival Scores Research Project
The Anatomy of Fear and How it Relates to Survival Skills Training
Combating Police Officer Fatigue
Nurocognitive Consequences of Sleep Deprivation
Crew Factors in Alertness
Fatigue: Working Under the Influence
Police and Sleep Problems
Biological Basis of Emotions
Inattention or Change Blindness
Neuroscience for Combat Leaders
Date Rape Drugs and Loss of Memory
Memory: How Memories are Formed, Stored, and Retrieved
Memory: Implications in Officer Involved Shootings and
Accident Investigations
Officer Involved Shooting Threats
Acute Dissociative Responses in Law Enforcement Officers Involved in Critical Shooting Incidents
Factors Affecting Reaction Time
Reasonableness and Reaction Time
Cognitive Interview Method
Avoiding the Ten Fatal Human Errors
Citizens Academy with a twist puts civilians in the OIS hot seat
Emotional Intelligence (Leadership)