Gregory Nicholaysen, J.D.

Association of Federal Defense Attorneys Video Series – Gregory Nicolaysen, J.D.
The Justice Academy is pleased to provide access to the video webinar lectures listed below that was made possible by the support of the Association of Federal Defense Attorneys. seeks to advance the abilities and proficiency of federal defense attorneys throughout the nation by distributing informative training materials and providing insightful video lectures that deal with contemporary legal issues, to its members. The Justice Academy greatly appreciates the contributions of the AFDA and we specifically would like to express our appreciation to its Director, Gregory Nicolaysen,for his ongoing support of the law and justice communities. Mr. Nicolaysen can be contacted at [email protected]

What Every Defense Attorney Should Know About Cell Phone Technology
Federal Bail & Detention Proceedings (presentation by Greg Nicolaysen)
Key Updates & Strategies In Defending Criminal Tax Fraud Cases
Health Care Fraud: Key Updates & Defense Strategies
Professor Berman’s Coverage Of New U.S. Supreme Court Rulings On Federal Sentencing