Law Enforcement

This feature of the Justice Academy is provided to facilitate the distribution of exemplary training and educational resources by colleges and universities to the law and justice profession.



Textual Information and Research Findings
Law Enforcement Intelligence
Crime Scene Investigation: A Reference for Law Enforcement Training
Early Intervention Systems for Law Enforcement Agencies
GIS Solutions for Proactive Policing and Informed Response
Understanding Law Enforcement Intelligence Processes
The Role of Crime Forecasting in Law Enforcement Operations
Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials
Corruption and Optimal Law Enforcement
Body Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement
Human Rights and Law Enforcement

Video Presentations and Conference Proceedings
Patrol Car Allocation Model – RAND Corporation
University of Chicago – Law Enforcement Strategies for Reducing Crime and Violence
London School of Economics – Total Policing
UC San Diego – Cyber Crime
University of Ottawa – Wrongful Conviction
George Mason University – Crime Analysis for Commanders
George Mason University – Crime Analysis for Operations
George Mason University – 2012 Congressional Briefing on Reducing Gun Violence
George Mason University – Tackling Youth Crime & Disorder
George Mason University – 2011 CEBCP Evidence-Based Policing Leadership Workshop
Cal Southern Univ – Interview with Santa Monica Police Chief Seabrook