Lubbock Police Department

In our continuing search for valuable resources that benefit the national audience of law and justice professionals, seeks to provide convenient links to assets produced by exemplary training academies, such as those created by the Lubbock Police Department, and make them available to all officers throughout the country. We greatly appreciated the LPD’s cooperation in making the videos listed below available.


Episode 01: The Same Page
Episode 02: A Rough Day
Episode 03: Fear Of The Unknown
Episode 04: Making The Grade
Episode 05: Fit For Duty
Episode 06: We’ll Get You There
Episode 07: No Stroll Through The Park
Episode 08: Lock It In, Hammer Down
Episode 09 Defending The Constitution
Episode 10: Meet The Recruits
Episode 11: Meet The Recruits 2
Episode 12 Action Reaction, Part One
Episode 13: Action Reaction Part 2
Episode 14: Marked Improvements
Episode 15: A Difficult Scenario
Episode 16: Equipped For Action
Episode 17 Hands-On Training
Episode 18: Locked And Loaded
Episode 19: The Traffic Stop
Episode 20: Admissible Evidence
Episode 21 Performance Driving
Episode 22: Dangerous Work
Episode 23 Baptism By Fire
Episode 24: Tried And True
Lubbock PD ’09-B Follow-Up