Homeland Security

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Congressional Research Service Reports on Homeland Security
Fusion Centers: Securing America’s Heartland from Threats
Developing a Model Fusion Center to Enhance Information Sharing
The Rise of the Fusion-Intelligence Complex
Use of Technology in Intelligence Fusion Centers
U.S. House Report on the National Network of Fusion Centers
The Emerging Politics of DHS Fusion Centers
Fusion Centers – Lessons Learned
Developing and Sharing Information and Intelligence in a New Era
DHS/DOJ Fusion Process Ctalog of Services
What’s Wrong with Fusion Centers
DHS Fusion Center Location and Contact Information Listing
Preserving Privacy and Civil Liberties
Geospatial Intelligence for Fusion Centers – ESRI
Counterterrorism Intelligence: Fusion Center Perspectives
Fusion Center Data Interoperability
The National Network of Fusion Centers:
The Information Fusion Centre: Challenges and Perspectives
NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre
State Fusion Centers : Processes and Procedures
Military Intelligence Fusion for Complex Operations
A New Paradigm

Erecting a Strategic Vision for Fusion Centers – IACP
Risk Management Fundamentals
Implementing 9/11 Committee Recommendations
DHS Risk Lexicon
Mail Handling and Screening
Occupant Emergency Programs
Violence in the Federal Workplace
Violence in the Federal Workplace – Appendix
Best Practices for Armed Security Officers
National Infrastructure Protection Plan
National Infrastructure Protection Plan – Information Sharing
The National CI/KR Protection Annual Report
The Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets
Department of Homeland Security Counternarcotics Doctrine
Department of Homeland Security Information Safeguard Strategy