National Institute

The National Institute for Law and Justice Education is an academic strategy that was created by justice professionals, for justice professionals, and is envisaged to operate under a consortium of affiliated colleges and universities, as well as agency members of the criminal justice community to advance professional education and specialized degree pathways within the professions. The Institute was founded to serve not only the curricular needs of the profession but also to support research and higher education needs of the law and justice community by sponsoring comprehensive research and analyses, and also by providing quality education materials, curricular pathways, and courseware development services to the academic community.

The Institute, together with, actively seek out and sponsor Research Fellowships for members of the academic community and for practitioners alike who have a desire to conduct comprehensive studies. The scope and reach of the research agenda sponsored by the Institute endeavors to meet the breadth and depth of the profession’s requirements for quality analysis and understanding. The Institute’s curricular strategies and its pedagogical approach demands, a devotion to the learning enterprise, the attainment and demonstration of academic excellence within the discipline, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge within the profession.Research Fellowship opportunities are available within a variety of academic sub-disciplines and operational areas including;

Law Enforcement
The Courts
The Judiciary
Probation and Parole
Criminological Theory
Crime Analysis and Spatial Reasoning
Geographic Information Systems Applications
Multivariate Analysis of Law and Justice
Discriminant Function Analysis of Law and Justice


National Institute for Law and Justice Education