Univ.of Virginia Law School

Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University of Virginia School of Law is the second-oldest continuously operating law school in the nation. Consistently ranked among the top law schools, Virginia is a world-renowned training ground for distinguished lawyers and public servants, instilling in them a commitment to leadership, integrity and community service. Virginia is justly famous for its collegiate environment that bonds students and faculty. JusticeAcademy.org is delighted to include this exceptional institution within its inventory of educational resources.


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Aggrete Video Lecture Playlist
Aggregate Video Lecture Playlist

Selected Lectures: Inside the Classroom Series
Hearsay Analysis With Professor Kim Ferzan
Civil Rights Litigation, with UVA Law Professor John C. Jeffries Jr.
Civil Procedure with UVA Law Professor Ben Spencer
Marbury v. Madison,” Mock Class with Professor Risa Goluboff
The Criminal Procedure Revolution with Professor Risa Goluboff
Strategic Overview of the Conflict States With Jessica McFate
A Constitutional History of the Long 1960s with Risa Goluboff
Hearsay Analysis With Professor Kim Ferzan
The Psychological Foundations of Evidence Law
Appointing Supreme Court Justices With Professor Lee Epstein