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Officer Down Memorial Page
LASD Update: Ride -A- Long with Aero Bureau
LASD Mounted Enforcement Detail, Sheriff’s Headquarters to Return to Old Hall of Justice
LASD Update: Marina Del Rey Boat Patrol and Tactics and Survival Shooter Training
Project Sky Knight-1966-Archive footage
Tech Upgrade for the LA County Sheriff’s Department! CES 2012
LASD Update: L.A. Sheriff’s Crime Lab at the Hertzberg Davis Forensic Science Center
LASD Update: Forensic Artist, Inmate Fire Camp Program, 2012 Toy Drive
LASD Update: Police Vehicle Training, Inmate Video Visitation System
LASD Update: DUI Checkpoint, LASD Homicide Bureau
L.A. Sheriff Says Mexican Government “DUMPING” Citizens in U.S.
Saratoga County Sheriff James Bowen on the NY Safe Act
LA Sheriff – Laser Strike
Merced County Courthouse Shooting, Reenactment, 2008
LASD Update: Marina Del Rey Boat Patrol and Tactics and Survival Shooter Training
Behind the Badge – featuring Chief Rod Jones
Spokane PD Strategic Plan Press Conference
Philadelphia Holistic Approach to Combating Crime
NYPD – Raymond W. Kelly Speaks to Politics and Crime
Sheriff Leroy Baca and Coach Taylor – The Human Mind
Sheriff Baca – Jail Reform Press Conference
LASD Sheriff Baca, LAPD Chief Bratton Discuss Effective Gang Prevention
Gender Discrimination: Houston Police Department
Office Hours Episode 2 – Cohasset Police
Another View – Retired Norfok Police Chief Bruce Marquis
NYPD Whistle Blower Frank Serpico
Dawson Police Department Building Search Training
LAPD – William Bratton on Fighting Crime and Disorder
2013 Escorted Law Ride from St Cloud Florida
Gangs, drugs and the Magnolia Police Department
Captain Sylvia Trundle, Akron Police Department
Firearm Safety – Chief Jeff Miller, Brookings Police Department
City Vision: Hamilton Police Department
Women in the Police Force – Navato PD
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department – Sentencing Reform – Part 1
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department – Sentencing Reform – Part 2
Garry McCarthy, Superintendent, Chicago Police Department
Joplin Police Department
Albany Police Department Presentation – Public Safety Meeting
Orlando Police Department Change of Command
Philip J. Cline, Superintendent, Chicago Police Department
Safety First – Suffolk Police Department Command Bus
Atlanta Police Department Path Force Press Conference
The Edmond Way VII “Lethal Force”
The Legal View – Dothan Alabama Police Department
Chicago Police Department Burglary Prevention Seminar
D.C. Police Department Chief of Police Cathy L. Lanier
Newport News Police Department – Media
Spotlight on Government: Tampa Police Department Capt Bryan Dugan
Murfreesboro Police Department: The Todd Family
Our Town Show 103 – Amesbury Police Department – 2013
The Urban Agenda: William Bratton on the New York City Police Department
Congressional Research Service – Gangs in Central America
U.S. Department of Justice – Law Enforcement Intelligence Guide
FEMA – National Preparedness Report 2013
New York State Disaster Preparedness Commission