The podcasts section has been assembled from a wide variety of educational assets, government sources, colleges and university broadcasts, and commercial enterprises. JusticeAcademy.org greatly appreciates the cooperation of these organizations in making their programming publicly available.

Government Agencies
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Drug Enforcement Administration – NPR
Inside the New York Police Department
The Chicago Police Department
USDOJ – Community Oriented Policing Services
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York State Chiefs APB Podcast: All Points Bulletin
Oyez – U.S. Supreme Court Proceedings
Michigan Courts – One Court of Justice
Mountain View Police Blog
Houston Police Department Reports
Bureau of Justice Assistance Podcasts

Professional Associations
Omaha Police Officer’s Association
Center for Court Innovation
Litigation Management Podcasts -Trial.com
The American Bar Association Journal
The Federalist Society
The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
The National Constitution Center
Section of Litigation – ABA
National Crime Prevention Council

Colleges and Universities
University of Oxford
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
CUNY School of Law
University of Virginia Law School
Columbia Law School
University of Alabama Law School Lecture Series
All Rise Series! – The Harvard Law Record
The University of Chicago Law School Faculty Podcasts

Public Radio Broadcasts
NPR – General Law Enforcement
Texas Public Radio – Criminal Justice
Iowa Public Radio – Criminal Justice
New Hampshire Public Radio – Criminal Justice
National Public Radio – Criminal Justice Series
Northwest Public Radio – Criminal Justice
Maryland Public Radio – Criminal Justice
Embeded Series: National Public Radio

Private and Commercial Providers
The Marshall Project
Policing Matters – PoliceOne Current Shows
Policing Matters – PoliceOne Archives
The Police Podcast
Thin Blue Training
Police Connect
Bloomberg Law Podcast
Law Enforcement Today
The Lawyerist Podcast
Thinking Like a Lawyer
The Police Podcast with Tim Burrows
Police Magazine – Shots Fired
CopsAlive Podcasts
High Tech Crime Investigations
National Law Enforcement Liaison Program
Coronoer Talk: Death Investigation Training
Criminal (In)Justice with David Harris
The Criminal Justice Conversations Podcast with David Onek
Criminal Justice Evolution with Patrick Fitzgibbons
Criminal Justice System & Forensic Social Work Episodes
Criminal Justice and Behavior – Sage Publications
American Heroes Radio – Previous Episodes
Returning Blue – An Inside Look at Law Enforcement