The Police

As part of our continual effort to provide the law and justice community with information that is pertinent to the profession and relevant to public policy discourse, the Video Catalog is made available for your viewing. Contained within this section of the website are selected speeches, training videos, and conference presentations that address a wide variety of topics that are relevant to the profession.


Crime Documentaries
SWAT Magazine T.V. – Active Shooter
Tactical Medicine Briefing 1
Tactical Medicine Briefing 2
Tactical Medicine Briefing 4
Processing a Crime Scene – Indianapolis Marion County Lab
Techniques Of Crime Scene Processing – Army CID Training 1
Techniques Of Crime Scene Processing – Army CID Training 2
Opium, Morphine, and Heroin
ArcGIS – Law Enforcement Application
ArcGIS Training Videos
Financing California’s Criminal Justice System
Designer Drugs: The New Frontier
Law Enforcement Strategies for Reducing Crime and Violence
Michigan Policy Series: Law Enforcement in Alcohol Regulation
New York’s New Vision for Juvenile Justice | The New School
Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca – Citizen’s Commission on Jail Violence
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department – Update
The International Police Conference – 2012
Albuquerque Police Training – Recruit Officer Patrol
Crime Numbers Game – Professor Eli Siverman
California’s Criminal Justice System
Don’t Talk to Cops – Part 1
Don’t Talk to Cops – Part 2
American Heroes Radio – Previous Episodes, Lieutenant Ray Foster
Victim Focus on Criminal Justice
California Rethinks Criminal Justice
Criminal Law 101
Financing California: California’s Criminal Justice System
Criminal Justice Speaker Vicki Seidl