Texas State University

JusticeAcademy.org is very pleased to welcome the contribution of an appreciable literary holding of intellectual assets and course materials relative to the law and justice professions made available by a grant from Dr. George Little, Texas State University – Institute of Criminal Justice Studies. We would like to express our appreciation for this substantial donation and permission to reprint granted by Dr. George Little and Dr. Rick Walker, both former Directors of the Institute of Criminal Justice (ICJS) at Texas State University. Included within this collection are course materials, reference sources, videos, lecture outlines, syllabi, and innumerable support assets for law and justice training courses created in support of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. The amount of materials provided under this grant is so substantial that it is impractical to code it in an HTTP format. Instead, JusticeAcademy.org is making these assets available in FTP format. We invite you to visit the link below to view the directories and sub-directories of educational assets made available through this generous grant.

Texas State University – Institute of Criminal Justice Studies