Board of Governors

The Justice Academy is pleased to provide the composition of the Board of Governors. The Board is comprised of senior level executives and practitioners who represent a variety of interests and specializations within the law and justice community. The Board provides guidance and counsel regarding a variety of matters relating to the focus and intensity of, in order to assure a comprehensive level of instructional coverage and pertinence to the profession. The Justice Academy greatly appreciates the dedication and service of these individuals and we look forward to their contributions to the Academy during the forthcoming term of service.

Justice Academy Board of Governors:

Maki Haberfeld,, Ph.D.
Professor and Past Chair – John Jay College , New York

George Anderson, Assistant Chief
New York Police Department (Retired)

Judge David Hoort, J.D.
8th Circuit Court of Appeals (Retired)

Sid Heal, Commander
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Retired)

Ray Flynn, Assistant Sheriff
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department(Retired)

Troy Abney, Chief
Nevada Highway Patrol (Retired)

George Little, Deputy Chief Constable
Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas (Retired)

Ed Vainio, Pastor
Police and Prison Ministries

Greg Nicholayson, J.D.
Association of Federal Defense Attorneys

Liz Cass, Military Police Officer
United States Navy (Retired)

Rick Walker, Ph.D., Executive Director
Accrediting Commission for Law and Justice Education

Judge Hal Campbell, Ph.D., Executive Director
The Justice Academy