Last Chance Sentencing

Last Chance Deferred Sentencing Program
The Last Chance Deferred Sentencing Program deals with a seldom invoked judicial option, which is specifically designed to enhance the prerogatives of the lower courts in extending their reach beyond the maximum allowable sentence under the law and to provide a mechanism whereby the court can impose stringent sentencing conditions that address the multivariate nature of an offender’s criminality. The philosophy behind the use of deferred imposition of sentence, along with a multivariate sentencing and release strategy seeks to force behavior modification and treatment as part of the sentencing conditions that are invoked by the court. Last Chance sends a clear message to a potentially salvageable offender and affords a reasoned program of addressing an offender’s behavior to eliminate certain factors that result in temptations and choices that have brought the accused to the attention of the justice system. This project holds tremendous nationwide potential as a community based sentencing alternative to demonstrate compassionate justice, but with teeth. The objective of the Last Chance program is to raise awareness of the potential of applying sentencing practices that incorporate a multivariate strategy that seeks to alter offender behavior by removing or reducing causal factors associated with past incidents of criminality and to create a systemic sentencing program that enlists the concurrence, support, and involvement of all facets of the justice system. Included below are a preliminary multivariate criminality array that identifies major, minor, and subtle level variables, along with a short lecture regarding the Last Chance program. If you have an interest in participating in this study and contributing your time and energy to endeavor, please contact Judge Hal Campbell, Ph.D. at [email protected]