Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) provides career-long training to law enforcement professionals to help them fulfill their responsibilities safely and proficiently. Over the past 46 years, FLETC has grown into the Nation’s largest provider of law enforcement training. Under a collaborative training model, FLETC’s federal partner organizations deliver training unique to their missions, while FLETC provides training in areas common to all law enforcement officers, such as firearms, driving, tactics, investigations, and legal training.

In our continuing search for valuable resources that benefit the national audience of law and justice professionals, JusticeAcademy.org seeks to provide convenient links to assets produced by exemplary training academies and make them available to all officers throughout the country. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in making the training assets listed below available.


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Lectures, Presentations, and Videos
USCG – Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking Training Video – Car Crash
Human Trafficking Video – Native American
Port of Entry – Human Trafficking
Erica – Part 1 – Human Trafficking
Erica – Part 2 – Human Trafficking
Erica – Part 3 – Human Trafficking
Erica – Part 4 – Human Trafficking
Erica – Part 5 – Human Trafficking
Rounds of Authority – Shotgun Ammunition
Firearms Shooting Range Safety
Use Of Force (1993)
USE OF FORCE – Police / Law Enforcement Training Video
Tactical Advanced Pistol Program – TAPP (1998)
Survival Tactics Training Facility (1996)
Use of Force 1993
Integrity in the Workplace
Introduction To Radio Communications
The Expandable Baton
Tactical Firearms Training: Survival Tactics Training
Border Patrol Training Video
Tactical Advanced Pistol Program 1998
Welcome to the Bureau of Prisons
Financial Fraud Institute – The Cutting Edge
Every Officer Is A Leader
Operation Alliance: Marine Smuggling Detection
Handgun Shooting: “Introduction to Firearms”
Community Policing
FFI – The Cutting Edge
Women in Federal Law Enforcement
Hazardous Devices in Contraband
Use of Deadly Force
Investigative Skills Lab (Narcotics Bust/Buy)
Play It Smart
Legal Issues of 5th and 6th Amendments
Interview Techniques