FBI – LEEP Portal

The Justice Academy is pleased to provide this link to the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal in order to facilitate awareness and access to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Law Enforcement Online program.


LEEP is a secure, Internet-based information sharing system for agencies around the world that are involved in law enforcement, first response, criminal justice, anti-terrorism, and intelligence. With LEEP, members can access or share sensitive but unclassified information anytime and anywhere.Here are just a few examples of what is available to all levels of law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety communities on LEEP:

Virtual Command Center (VCC)

VCCs provide a real-time situational awareness tool that can assist law enforcement and other authorities during many situations, such as special public events, warrant sweeps, investigations, and natural disasters.

Law Enforcement Online Special Interest Groups (LEOSIGs)

LEOSIGs allow members to participate in communities of specialized interest in order to securely share information and receive specialized training.

Virtual Office

A Virtual Office allows agencies to store and retrieve information needed on scene and access that information from any Internet connection, eliminating the need for an officer to travel to the physical office.

Active Shooter Initiative

The FBI Active Shooter Resources page is a clearinghouse for materials available to law enforcement agencies and other first responders around the country to ensure preparedness for active shooter cases and mass casualty incidents.

In addition to the individual accounts, LEEP has the ability to provide access to entire law enforcement agencies. This means every member of these agencies can have access to LEEP’s many services.

By using one name and password, agencies can access LEEP and such resources as:

  • National Data Exchange (N-DEx);
  • Joint Automated Booking System (JABS);
  • Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Network;
  • National Gang Intelligence Center;
  • Internet Crime Compliant Center (IC3); and
  • U.S. Department of Justice myFX.

  • LEEP supplies agencies with access to the law enforcement information critical to their cases and their investigations conveniently, in one location.