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Since its founding more than fifty years ago, The National Judicial College has been the nation’s premier judicial education institution. The NJC pursues its mission of education | innovation | advancing justice with the support of individuals and organizations dedicated to preserving and improving the rule of law. Its supporters include scores of active and retired judges and attorneys along with government agencies and private foundations. Teaching at the NJC is a high honor, and most NJC courses are taught by judges who volunteer their time. The same is true of the members of the NJC’s boards of trustees and visitors. greatly appreciates The Judicial College’s willingness to make these exceptional training resources publicly available.


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Current Webcasts
Improving the Civil Justice System
Sovereign Citizens and Other Challenging Litigants
Impaired Driving Assessment Screening
Distracted Driving
What Judges Need to Know (Part I)
What Judges Need to Know (Part II)
Proven Sentencing Strategies for the Multiple DWI Offender
Elders and Capacity: What Judges Need to Know
Contempt and Judicial Ethics

Archived Webcasts
Advanced Issues: Self-Represented Litigants
Communication: Perceptions of Bias
Dispute Resolution Skills: Top Ten Ways to Achieve Settlement
E-Discovery: Sanctions and Spoliation
Effective Use of Courtroom Interpreters — A Webcast for Judges
Managing the Mediation Process Using Psychogeography
Mediator as Leader
Notable Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, 2012-2013 Term
Procedural Fairness
Judicial Ethics for Administrative Law Judges
Reasoning and Logic in Judicial Decision Making
Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues
Misconceptions: Lesbian and Gay Persons in Your Courtroom
Transition from Bar to Bench
Management of Mass Torts Part I – Pre-Trial
Management of Mass Torts Part II – Going to Trial
Confronting Challenges – Part 1
Confronting Challenges – Part 2
Confronting Challenges – Part 3
Commercial Driver Licensing Enforcement
Role of the Traffic Court
Drugged Driving Essentials Update
The Guilty Plea in Impaired Driving Cases
The Older Driver: Special Issues
The Younger Driver — Distracted Driving Issues
Considerations for Implementing Enhanced Sentencing Authority

Conferences, Interviews, and Lectures
A Conversation with The National Judicial College
Civility Symposium: Scenario 1
Civility Symposium: Scenario 2
Civility Symposium: Scenario 3
How To Write More Better: Legal Writing for Lawyers Part 1
How To Write More Better: Legal Writing for Lawyers Part 2
“Sell” or Involuntary Administration of Medications Hearing
Judicial Education: The National Judicial College Part 1
Judicial Education: The National Judicial College Part 2
Initial Competency Hearing
Competency Assessment
Contested Competency Hearing
Access to Justice Trial Judge Experience: Chancery Court
Access to Justice: Non-Proficient English Speakers