Police Community Relations

According to RAND, “Communities rely on police departments to “protect and serve” and the police, in turn, rely on community support and cooperation, but the relationship is not always harmonious.” This issue has become critical in contemporary times and ignited civil unrest as a result of people lying to the media, police behaving poorly in certain instances, the media’s focus on fanning the flames of civil disorder through national coverage, and a variety of other contributive factors. The materials below represent a compilation of articles, policies, panel discussions, and presentations regardinf this timely issue.


Reports and Policies on Police Community Relations
Police-community Relations – RAND
Why Police-Community Relationships Are Important
Improvement of Police Community Relations
National Policy Summit on Community Relations
Understanding Community Policing
Building Trust Between the Police and the Citizens
Community Policing – Police Executive Research Forum

Discussions and Presentations on Police Community Relations
Police-Community Relations: The Police Perspective
Bridging the Divide: Re-imagining Police-Community Relations
Police And Community Relations Forum
Pierce County Talks – Police/Community Relations
Garner Police-Community Relations Forum
Improving Police Community Relations
Mayor’s Council on Police-Community Relations
How Can We Improve Police-Community Relations
Police, Muslims and Community Relations (Part 1)
Police, Muslims and Community Relations (Part 2)
Albuquerque Collaborative on Police-Community Relations
Press Conference: Police Community Relations
Mayor Rahm Emanuel Talks Police-Community Relations in Chicago
Police-Community Relations in Portland’s Albina District
Police and Minority Community Relations
Community Relations: Citizens’ Perspective
Officer Safety and Community Policing
The War on Cops – Heather Mac Donald
Police And Community Relationship: Mapping A Resolution
Bryan Stevenson On 21st Century Policing, Community Relations
Building Trust: Race, Police and the Community
Cleveland Police and the Community