Police Management


Textual Information Regarding the Subject of Police Management
The Strategic Management of Police Resources
Police Management Issues for the Next Decade
Emerging Best Practices in Police Management
Principles of Good Policing
Police Management of Mass Demonstrations
Police Performance Management in Practice
Best Practice Management.pdf – CALEA
Selected International Best Practices in Police – RAND Corporation
Guidelines for Knowledge Management in Policing
Guidance on the Management of Police Information
Knowledge Management in Policing
Best Practices Guide – International Association of Chiefs of Police
Good to Great in Policing – Police Executive Research Forum
Rethinking Police Governance, Culture and Management
Personnel Management :Concepts and Police Contexts
Assessing Police Performance in Citizen Encounters
Practice Advice on the Management of Priority and Volume Crime
Law Enforcement Records Management Systems
Ethics and Police Management
Police Department Management and Liability Issues
Police Problems – Center for Problem-Oriented Policing
Understanding and Preventing Police Corruption

Videos, Webcasts, and Lectures Regarding Police Management
Benefits of Collaborative Policing
Using Randomized Controlled Trials in Criminal Justice
Community Responses to People in Crisis
Giving attention to both management and leadership
The Basics of Good Project Management
Best Practices in Project Management: Coping with Conflict
City Employees and Off-Duty Conduct
Mass Casualty: Support and Response
Everyday Bias: Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgments
Developing a Police Pursuit Policy
Body Worn Cameras and Technology
Developing Legally Defensible Policies for Effective & Constitutional Policing
Contemporary Legal Issues for Law Enforcement
New Supreme Court Ruling Use of Force Standards
Tactical Operations and Hostage Situations
Crowd Control
Tactical Operations and Hostage Situations
Managing Police Social Media
How to be a Great Leader
How to Manage Open Police Data