Law Schools

As part of our continuing effort to locate valuable educational resources that benefit the national audience of law and justice professionals, seeks to find and provide convenient links to assets produced by exemplary law schools in order to make them available to all practitioners throughout the country. Below you will find a list of video promotions, conference proceedings, and lectures that were produced by many of the top law schools in the United States and England.



Law School Lectures by Institution
Harvard University Law School
University of Chicago Law School
University of Virginia School of Law
Case Western Reserve – School of Law
New York University School of Law
Boston University School of Law
Regent University School of Law
University at Buffalo School of Law
McGeorge School of Law
Cornell Law School
Univ. of Georgia Law School
Brooklyn Law School
New York Law School
Yale Law School
The People’s Law School
Oxford Law School
University of Michigan Law School
Duke Law School
Stanford Law School
U.C. Berkeley Law School

Law School Lectures by Title
McGeorge School of Law – Judicial Ethics and Accountability
University of Virginia Law School, Inside the Classroom with Professor Anne Coughlin
University of Virginia Law School, The Law of Property with Professor Alex Johnson
University of Chicago, “Democracy v. Citizens United”
Harvard University, Justice: Episode 01 “THE MORAL SIDE OF MURDER”
UGA Law School – “Evidence Class”
USC Law School, Constitutional Law Class — Prof. David B. Cruz
Melbourne Law School, Peter Brett Memorial Lecture with Fatou Bensouda
Vermont Law School, Torts with VLS Associate Professor of Law Mark Latham
Yale Law School Dean’s Lecture: National Security Law, Lawyers and Lawyering
USC Law School Lecture Series, Professor Tom Lyon’s Evidence Class 1/26/07
Matthew Finkin, Stewart Lecture at Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Harvard Law School, Lessig on “Aaron’s Laws – Law and Justice in a Digital Age”
2013 James Crawford Lecture on International Law
Cornell Law School Lecture Series
University of Chicago, Trafficking, Prostitution and Inequality: Lecture by Catharine MacKinnon
“Immigration and the Civil Rights Agenda” – Yale Law School
Keynote Lecture by Arthur R. Miller, University Professor at New York University
Flag Burning and Free Speech: Professor Frederick Schauer
Other Bad Acts Evidence,” Professor Greg Mitchell
USC LECTURES: Professor Tom Lyon’s Evidence Class 3/21/07
Harvard Unviersity, Tanner Lectures 2013 Seminar | Mahindra Center
Judge Joan E. Donoghue, George P. Smith, II Distinguished Visiting Professor Lecture
Duke Law School, Lecture with Michael Dreeben, Criminal Deputy Solicitor General
London School of Economics – Law Department, Rules of Evidence
London School of Economics – Law Department, The Idea of Justice
Chief Judge Frank H. Easterbrook – SEC Conference
Contemporary Debates in Criminal Justice:
The Criminal Procedure Revolution
Marbury v. Madison – Professor Risa Goluboff
How to Read a Case – Professor Anne Coughlin
Introduction to Law School for First-Year Students
Introduction To Common Law Part 1
Introduction To Common Law Part 2
Introduction To Common Law Part 3
Civil Procedure with Professor Ben Spencer