Welcome to the Justice Academy eCampus. It is our hope that you find the information and services provided by the Academy to be useful and of value to your organization.


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The Justice Academy eCampus operates as a distance education portal and is available to support the creation and distribution of online classes that you would like to share with the national audience of law and justice professionals. How many times have you attended a training program, or perhaps provided a training session for others in the profession, that you wish you could later share with your fellow law enforcement professionals? Prior to the Justice Academy this was not always easy to do. First, you had to know where to go (physically or even online) to find the information you needed and second, you may have found that there was no easy or low cost way to share your materials with other law enforcement professionals. Helping you achieve this objective is one of the primary missions of the Justice Academy eCampus.

It’s easy.  First, if you want to upload training materials for incorporation within the eCampus and make them available for either term based classes or open enrollment classes to the nationwide audience of law enforcement professionals, all you have to do is contact us and we can help in make that possible. If on the other hand you would like to use any of the training courses or presentations provided here by others, all you have to do is send us an email and once we verify your status with the department we will respond with a username and password that grants you access to all the unrestricted access to training classes in our eCampus. After you have received your eCampus credentials, simply click on the training category to see the list of classes and presentations available and then select the class you are interested in reviewing.

Classes within the “Restricted” category are only available to those organizations wishing to use the website to provide training materials exclusively within their own organization or to those who have been previously authorized to review the training materials by the department that produced the class, because of security considerations or confidentiality requirements.

We can also provide the ability for you to distribute newly created or existing training materials to your organization or nationwide using distance education through the Moodle learning platform. All of this is free to you and your organization. First you need to contact us so we can coordinate the types of materials you’ll be presenting, the format required, and the manner in which you will be uploading the information to our system. Once the course has been created, it becomes available to the national audience of law enforcement professionals, unless you restrict access to it by placing it within the “Restricted” section of the eCampus. If you find a training program that you believe would be beneficial to your department and would like to arrange a department account and password, simply send us the class registration list for those in your department and we will establish a cohort class listing for your organization, using the Moodle platform. We will then send you a return email with a global username and password that you control and are free to distribute to your organizational members so they can access the training. It’s that simple and again, it’s free.

We hope that you find this feature of the Justice Academy useful in providing training to your organization. We are currently in the process of initiating this service and expanding our class listing so please be patient. As our eCampus collection becomes available, we will add the classes currently under construction to the course listing. Please feel free to provide any feedback that you feel would be useful for us at the Justice Academy in providing you with better service.