Police Shootings

This feature of the Justice Academy is provided to facilitate the distribution of educational resources and analysis pertinent to officer involved shootings. All information contained within this section is provided under the Fair Use Doctrine. Please note and respect any copyright notice (if applicable). This material is of exceptional value to police officers and prosecutors faced with the challenges of investigating such incidents.



Los Angeles Police Department – Summary of Use of Force Report
The Management of Police Killings – Academic Report
Administrative Investigations of Police Shootings – Use of Force Reports
Tennessee Law Enforcement – A Study of Use of Deadly Force
Police Responses to Officer Involved Shootings – NCJRS
Police Officers’ Decision Making and Discretion
Attorney General’s Report of Officer Involved Shooting – Lee, New Hampshire
Review of Officer Involved Shooting of Dustin Theoharis – PARC
Attorney General’s Report of Officer Involved Shooting – Dover, New Hampshire
Independent Review of Officer Involved Shooting – Austin, Texas 2009
Internal Affairs Division Investigation of Officer Involved Shooting, Austin, Texas 2007
The Baltimore Police Department Police – Involved Shooting of January 9, 2011
Essex District Attorney Findings re: Officer Involved Shooting – Danvers, Massachusetts
District Attorney Review of Officer Involved Shhoting, Albuquerque, NM
A Review of Officer-Involved Shootings in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Emerging Use of Force Issues – IACP
Officer Involved Shooting Report, Iowa City Police Department
Review of Officer-Involved Shooting of Mark Anthony Barmore
Identifying situational predictors of police shootings using multivariate analysis
Memory, Stress, and Time – Law Enforcement Bulletin
National Data Collection on Police Use of Force – Bureau of Justice Statistics
Special Report of the Independent Monitor for the Oakland Police Department: Officer-Involved Shootings
SBSO Review of Oakland Police Department Officer Involved Shooting March 21, 2009
Officer-Involved Shooting Guidelines – IACP
Analysis of Cases Investigated by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office 1996 – 2006
New York State Task Force Report on Police on Police Shootings
Report of Investigation – Officer Involved Shooting – State of Virginia
Washoe County Officer Involved Shooting Protocol
A look at accidental shootings of police officers by police officers