Traffic Accident Investigation

As a specialty of the law enforcement profession, traffic accident investigation involves a good deal of science, interpretation, reconstruction, and practice in order to get it right. Many of us never have the opportunity to attend formalized training beyond the academy, so our skill set isn’t as refined as we would like. The materials provided below have been assembled from a variety of sources and may help to provide a convenient glimpse into the various aspects of this specialty.


Training Materials and Manuals – Crash Forensics
Crash Reconstruction
Traffic Crash Reconstruction
Mechanical Failure Analysis
Break Failure Analysis
Wheel and Hub Failure Analysis
Tire Failure Analysis
Road Safety Analysis
Road Safety Analysis
Computer Animation
Motor Vehicle Crash Investigation and Reconstruction

Videos Presentations and Training Manuals
Traffic Incident Management Responder Training
Highway Roadside Safety
Traffic Incident Management Webinar
Open Roads: A Look At Freeway Incident Management
FDOT’s Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC) Program
North Carolina Highway Safety Management
Accident Investigation – The Importance of Capturing the Scene
Accident Investigation for Attorneys
Understanding Car Crashes: It’s Basic Physics
Texas Explorers Guide to Traffic Investigation
Investigating Officer’s Traffic Accident Reporting Manual
Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Traffic Collision Investigations Manual