Benchbook and Deskbook

This feature of the Justice Academy is provided to facilitate the distribution of informational and educational resources that are created by the judiciary in support of court operations and judicial conduct of criminal trials. For those unfamiliar, we thought it would be helpful to include this information for the law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies of the law and justice community to provide a glimpse into the rules and policies governing the judiciary.



Montana Judge’s Training/Reference site
Montana Lower Court Judges’ Deskbook
Montana Lower Court Judges’ Benchbook
Montana Court – Bond Book
Montana District Court Judges’ Training/Reference site
Deskbook for Chief Judges of U.S. District Courts
Prosecution Order Deskbook – State of Indiana
Pennsylvania Judicial Deskbook
Criminal Law Deskbook – U.S. Army – Volume 1
Criminal Law Deskbook – U.S. Army – Volume 2
Unified Courts for Families Deskbook – California
Law of War Deskbook – U.S. Army
Hearing Officer Deskbook – State of Virginia
The Office of Administrative Law Judge Operating Procedures Manual
Louisiana District and Juvenile Courts
Law of Armed Conflict – U.S. Army
Youth Court Desk Book – 2009 – Mississippi Supreme Court
Immigration Judge Benchbook
Texas Family Violence Benchbook – Texas Courts Online
Deskbook on the Management of Complex Civil Litigation
Judges’ Sentencing Reference Manual for Circuit & District Judges – Alabama
Benchbook for U.S. District Court Judges
The Drug Court Judicial Benchbook
Georgia Magistrate Courts Benchbook
South Carolina Bench Book for Magistrates and Municipal Court Judges
Oregon Judges Training/Referemce
Washington State Juvenile Nonoffender Benchbook
New Mexico Municipal Judges’ Benchbook
Michigan Civil Proceedings Benchbook