Virtual Training Company

The Justice Academy is proud to announce a new strategic partnership arrangement with the Virtual Training Company. For those who may not be familiar with VTC, they are quite simply, in our opinion, the very best provider anywhere of online training courses dealing with the subjects of computing, database management, cyber security, telecommunications, and commercial software. In addition, VTC also provides a full featured suite of online courses that provide preparatory education and instruction leading to certification in computer hardware, software, telecommunications, and security. Law and justice professionals will receive free access to the first three chapters of each online course offered by VTC, so they can evaluate its orientation and relevance to their needs. Monthly subscription rates are some of the lowest you’ll find anywhere for this caliber of comprehensive training at just $30 dollars per month, per user, for unlimited access to all training titles within VTC’s inventory. Group rates for departments can also be provided for law enforcement, prosecutors, and members of the judiciary. You may review the course offerings made available by VTC by clicking on the link below You can also reach them by email at [email protected] for further information about their programs.

Virtual Training Company – Main Page

VTC Courses Relative to Computer Crime and Investigation
CompTIA Security+ Course
Introduction To Computer Forensics Course
TCP/IP Packet Analysis Course
Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Course
Wireless Hacking and Security Course
Advanced Ethical Hacking Course
Protecting Yourself On The Internet Course
Understanding Encryption Course

Manuals and Textual Information Regarding Computer Crime
Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations
Computer Crime Investigation and Forensics
Computer Crime Investigations in the United States
Investigating and Prosecuting Cyber Crime
Computer Crime: A Joint Report
Why the Police Don’t Care About Computer Crime
Combating Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime Checklistfor Police Chiefs
Computer Crime: Expert Witness Manual

Video Presentations Regarding Computer Crime Investigations
Computer Forensic Investigation Process
Evidence Analysis and Handling
Common Network Attacks and Countermeasures
IDS – Intrusion Detection Systems
Firewalls and Perimeter Security
Network Communications – Network Access Control
Wireless Networks
Secure Communication Protocols
WAN Connection Technologies
Converged Protocols and Multimedia Collaboration
Remote Access Security
Switching Technologies
Endpoint Security
Mobile Systems Threats and Vulnerabilities
WLAN Authentication
IP Networking
Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol
Multi-layer Protocols
Network Devices
TCP/IP Model
OSI Layers
OSI Protocols
Signaling Types
Network Cabling and Topology