Justice Academy Journal

The Justice Academy Journal is a periodical in the truest sense of the word and is devoted to providing a mechanism for practitioners of the law and justice disciplines to express their views about the issues of the day. If you have an interest in becoming a contributing author, please let us know.

The Importance of Perspective
Public Policy Debate, Leadership, and Governance
Rehabilitating Animal Abusers Through the Use of Technology
Social Promotion and For-Profit Higher Education
Crime Prevention is Not Just a Police Function
The Irreducible Complexity of the Law
The Face of Arrogance
Demanding Excellence from Higher Education
The Complexity of God – Special Edition
Judicial Sentencing Strategies and Recidivism
Leading in Times of Civil Crisis and Uncertainty
The Polite Ignore Strategy
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth
Risk Management and Public Safety Leadership – Jerry Harper
Leadership or Command Cycle – Jerry Harper
Discriminant Analysis of Hostage Survival Probability
Arson and the Investigator’s Challenge
The Court’s Role in Preserving Social Harmony
Crime and Punishment
Ethics in Criminal Justice Research
The Difference between Leadership and Management
Loss Prevention and Control
The Criminal Justice Policy Process
Politics and Juvenile Justice
Public versus Private Prisons: Is One Better than the Other?
Forensic Toxicology: Analyzing Biologics and Fluids
Thinking on a Higher Plane – Multidimensional Strategy
Critical Thinking, Common Fallacies, and Leadership
Certainty, the Search for Truth, and Leadership