Agency Training Manuals

This feature of the Justice Academy is provided to facilitate the distribution of training and educational resources that are created by agencies of the law and justice professions.



Law Enforcement Investigations – U.S. Army
Bank Robbery Investigations – U.S. Department of Justice
Homicide Investigation – U.S. Department of Justice
Training and Evaluating Police Trainees
Crime Scene Investigation – U.S. Department of Justice
Criminal Investigation Case Management – Detroit Police Department
Cross Examination for Prosecutors – Department of Transportation
DNA Good Practice Manual – United Kingdom Police Chiefs Association
Prosecution of Drug Linked Firearm Cases
Burglary of Single Family Homes – U.S Department of Justice
Burglary of Retail Establishments – U.S. Department of Justice
Electronic Surveillance Manual – U.S. Department of Justice
The University of Texas Police Field Training Program
Financial Crimes Investigations Guide
Firearm Identification in the Crime Lab – U.S. District Attorney’s Association
A Guide for Law Enforcement Officers and Expert Witnesses in Impaired Driving Cases
Homicide Scene Investigation: A Manual for Public Prosecutors – Pakistan
Field Training Officer Manual – State of Idaho
Model Guidelines and Sex Crimes Investigation Manual – State of Illinois
Instructor’s Guide to Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation
Field Training Officer Manual – Indiana University Police
Navy Investigations Manual
Law Enforcement Manual – State of New Hampshire
Mayor’s Guide to Effective Policing and Crime Prevention
Attorney’s Reference Manual – State of Oregon
Parole Handbook – State of Georgia
Police Chiefs Desk Reference – IACP
Community Prosecution Techniques to Reduce Drug-Related Gang Activity
Introducing Expert Testimony in Sexual Assault Cases
Securities and Exchange Commission – Enforcement Manual
Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence
Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor’s Manual
Vulnerable Adult Abuse Investigations Manual – State of Washington
Physical Evidence Handbook – State of Washington
Congressional Research Service – Gangs in Central America
U.S. Department of Justice – Law Enforcement Intelligence Guide
FEMA – National Preparedness Report 2013
New York State Disaster Preparedness Commission