Bridging the Great Divide

Recognizing the important role played by CUNY faculty, students and administration in contributing to scholarship such issues, President Jeremy Travis has announced a year-long initiative, entitled Bridging the Divide: Re-imagining Police-Community Relations. The initiative seeks to engage a diverse group of stakeholders from various disciplines and backgrounds in inclusive, constructive, public discourse on best practices for improving relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Guided by a mandate to “educate for justice,” the John Jay College community will leverage the expertise and experiences of faculty, staff, students and the larger community, to explore the challenges faced by communities and members of law enforcement that often serve to inhibit constructive engagement.


Bridging the Great Divide Research/Media Page
Research and Media Sources

Bridging the Great Divide – Panel Discussions
Building The Violence Prevention Field-Models
Can Police-Community Partnerships Reduce Crime
Connie Rice and Commissioner William Bratton Discussion
Democracy and Policing
Building Legitimacy w/ Community Stakeholders
Opportunities& Challenges in Developing Unlikely Alliances
Unlikely Alliances Towards Community Safety
Bridging the Great Divide Consolidated Interview
Bridging the Great Divide: Susan Cruz
Bridging the Great Divide: Constance Rice
Bridging the Great Divide: Superintendent Garry McCarthy
Bridging the Great Divide: Commander William Scott
Bridging the Great Divide: Pastor Michael McBride
Bridging the Great Divide: Richard Rosenfield
Re-imagining Police-Community Relations
Violence Reduction Strategy Exercise