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file50 Years Progress in Crystal Growth_ A Reprint Collection_ Robert Feigelson_ 2004.pdf2022-02-21 00:446888 KB
fileA Method of Growing Oriented Sections of Certain Optical Crystals_C D West_ 1944.pdf2022-02-21 00:44756 KB
fileA Polarizer, Using Sodium Nitrate Single Crystal, Designed as Part of an Optical Pumping Light Source_ J M Daniels_ P Kirkby, Virginia L S Yuen_ 1969.pdf2022-02-21 00:44835 KB
fileA rapid method for isolation of piperine from the fruits of Piper nigrum _Linn Kanaki et al_ JNatMed_2007.pdf2022-02-21 00:44155 KB
fileAdvances in Crystal Growth Research_ K Sato_ Y Furukawa_ K Nakajima_ 2001.pdf2022-02-21 00:4432281 KB
fileBiotransformations in Organic Chemistry_ A Textbook_ 6th Ed_ Kurt Faber_ 2011.pdf2022-02-21 00:445209 KB
fileBulk Crystal Growth of Electronic, Optical and Optoelectronic Materials_ Peter Capper_ 2005.pdf2022-02-21 00:4866733 KB
fileCharacterization of triglycine sulfate TGS crystals grown in water-soluble CdS nanoparticles dispersed in water_ K Balasubramanian_ P Selvarajan_ E Kumar_ 2010_ jan10selv2022-02-21 00:44241 KB
fileCheapStat_ An Open-Source, Do-It-Yourself Potentiostat for Analytical and Educational Applications_ Kevin W Plaxco et al_ journal.pone.0023783.pdf2022-02-21 00:41366 KB
fileCheapStat_Firmware_Potentiostat.zip2022-02-21 00:48597 KB
fileChemical Applications of Group Theory_ 3rd Ed_ F Albert Cotton_ 1990.djvu2022-02-21 00:467703 KB
fileChemical energy and exergy_ an introduction to chemical thermodynamics for engineers_ Norio Sato_ 2004.pdf2022-02-21 00:425936 KB
fileChemical Thermodynamics_ Leo Lue_ 2009.pdf2022-02-21 00:414144 KB
fileCrystal Growth and Characterization of Carbonates of Calcium, Barium, and Strontium in Gel Media_ N Ajeetha_ 2007.pdf2022-02-21 00:44833 KB
fileCrystal Growth and Dislocations_ Ajit Ram Verma_ 1953.djvu2022-02-21 00:428888 KB
fileCrystal Growth for Beginners_ Fundamentals of Nucleation Crystal Growth and Epitaxy_ 2nd Ed_ Ivan V Markov_ 2004.djvu2022-02-21 00:414111 KB
fileCrystal Growth Processes Based on Capillarity_ Czochralski Floating Zone Shaping and Crucible Techniques_ Thierry Duffar_ 2010.pdf2022-02-21 00:5015054 KB
fileCrystal Growth Technology_ From Fundamentals and Simulation to Large-scale Production_ Hans J Scheel_ Peter Capper_2008.pdf2022-02-21 00:429743 KB
fileCrystal Growth Technology_ Hans J Scheel_ Tsuguo Fukuda_ 2004.pdf2022-02-21 00:428382 KB
fileCrystal Growth Technology_ Kullaiah Byrappa_ Tadashi Ohachi_ 2003.pdf2022-02-21 00:4525137 KB
fileCrystal Shape Engineering_ Michael F Doherty et al_ CSE-reviewpaper_ 2008.pdf2022-02-21 00:411596 KB
fileCrystal Structure Analysis_ A Primer_ 3rd Ed_ Jenny Pickworth Glusker_ Kenneth N Trueblood_ 2010.pdf2022-02-21 00:443272 KB
fileCrystallization_ 4th Ed_ J W Mullin_ 2001.djvu2022-02-21 00:426586 KB
fileCrystallographic Institute_ Freiburg_ Useable Diagrams TGS_ Student Practicum_ Not English_ 2000.pdf2022-02-21 00:50705 KB
fileCrystallography and the World of Symmetry_ Sanat K Chatterjee_ 2008.pdf2022-02-21 00:442332 KB
fileCrystallography_ Dieter Schwarzenbach_ 1997.pdf2022-02-21 00:424112 KB
fileCrystals and Crystal Growing_ Alan Holden_ Phylis Morrison_ 1982.pdf2022-02-21 00:423828 KB
fileCrystals and Crystal Structures_ Richard J D Tilley_ 2006.pdf2022-02-21 00:446827 KB
fileCrystals_ Growth, Morphology, and Perfection_ Ichiro Sunagawa.pdf2022-02-21 00:448319 KB
fileEnergy Dispersive Spectrometry of Common Rock Forming Minerals_ Kenneth P Severin_ 2005.pdf2022-02-21 00:442310 KB
fileFenarolis Handbook of Flavor Ingredients_ 6th Ed_ George A Burdock_ 2009.pdf2022-02-21 00:4137387 KB
fileFrontiers in Crystalline Matter_ From Discovery to Technology_ 2009.pdf2022-02-21 00:4530671 KB
fileGranddads Wonderful Book of Chemistry_ Kurt Saxon_ 1987.pdf2022-02-21 00:49102337 KB
fileGroup Theoretical Methods and Applications to Molecules and Crystals_ Shoon K Kim_ 1999.pdf2022-02-21 00:413011 KB
fileGroup Theory with Applications in Chemical Physics_ Patrick Jacobs_ 2005.pdf2022-02-21 00:502590 KB
fileGrowth and characterization of a new NLO material_ L-serine sodium nitrate_ Sd Zulifiqar Ali Ahamed_ G R Dillip_ L Manoj_ P Raghavaiah_ B Deva Prasad Rajuz_ 2010.pdf2022-02-21 00:42597 KB
fileGrowth and Morphology of Crystals_ Ichiro Sunagawa_ 1999.pdf2022-02-21 00:414980 KB
fileGrowth of Graphene from Food Insects and Waste_ G Ruan_ Z Sun_ Z Peng_ J M Tour_ 2011.pdf2022-02-21 00:443246 KB
fileGrowth of KH2PO4 Crystals at Constant Temperature and Supersaturation_ G M Loiacono_ J Zola_ G Kostecky_ 1981.pdf2022-02-21 00:481246 KB
fileGrowth of Single Crystals of NaCl in Gels_ C C Desai_ J L Rai_ 1980.pdf2022-02-21 00:42442 KB
fileGrowth of strontium oxalate crystals in agar-agar gel_ P V DALAL_ K B SARAF_ 2008.pdf2022-02-21 00:41409 KB
fileHandbook of Advanced Dielectric, Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials_ Synthesis, Properties and Applications_ Zuo-Guang Ye_ 2008.pdf2022-02-21 00:4933903 KB
fileHandbook of Hydrothermal Technology_ A Technology for Crystal Growth and Materials Processing_ K Byrappa_ Mansanriro Yoshimura_ 2001.pdf2022-02-21 00:4612547 KB
fileHandbook of Hydrothermal Technology_ K Byrappa_ Masahiro Yoshimura_ 2002.pdf2022-02-21 00:4412547 KB
fileHydrothermal Growth of Calcite Single Crystal in CaNO3 and NH4NO3 Solutions_ Shin-ichi Hirano_ Ko-ichi Kikuta_ 1988.pdf2022-02-21 00:44542 KB
fileHydrothermal growth of calcite single crystal in CaNO32 and NH4NO3 solutions_ EP0288221A1.pdf2022-02-21 00:44499 KB
fileHydrothermal Growth of Some Selected Crystals_ Calcite.pdf2022-02-21 00:423272 KB
fileInterpretingNMR.png2022-02-21 00:41712 KB
fileIntroduction to Symmetry and Group Theory for Chemists_ Arthur M Lesk_ 2004.pdf2022-02-21 00:42661 KB
fileMaking Crystals by Design_ Methods, Techniques and Applications_ Dario Braga_ Fabrizia Grepioni_ 2007.pdf2022-02-21 00:4416474 KB
fileManufacturing Method of the Sodium Nitrate Polarizers_ USP3075869.pdf2022-02-21 00:44109 KB
fileMetal Oxide Chemistry and Synthesis_ From Solution to Solid State_ Jean-Pierre Jolivet_ 2000.pdf2022-02-21 00:4410354 KB
fileMethod of hydrothermal manufacturing calcium carbonate single crystal_ EP0288221A1.pdf2022-02-21 00:50499 KB
fileMethod_for_producing_cacite_type_calcium_carbonate_single_crystal_lowtemplowpression.pdf2022-02-21 00:4285 KB
fileModern Polyesters_ Chemistry and Technology of Polyesters and Copolyesters_ John Scheirs Timothy E Long_ 2003.pdf2022-02-21 00:487889 KB
fileMolecular Quantum Mechanics_ 4th Ed_ Peter Atkins_ Ronald Friedman_ 2005.pdf2022-02-21 00:446786 KB
fileMolecular Symmetry_ Group Theory and Applications_ Claire Vallance_ LectureNotes_ 2004.pdf2022-02-21 00:443830 KB
fileNaNO3_Templated_On_Mica_ion-exchange.png2022-02-21 00:44278 KB
fileNote on the Purification of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate_ R Holcomb_ R R McKibbin_ 1928.pdf2022-02-21 00:41139 KB
fileOn the growth of calcium tartrate tetrahydrate single crystals_ Growing Seeds with Silica Gel Mixes_ X SAHAYA SHAJAN_ C MAHADEVAN_ 2004.pdf2022-02-21 00:42158 KB
fileOn the growth of calcium tartrate tetrahydrate single crystals_ X Sahaya Shajan_ C Mahadeven_ 2004.pdf2022-02-21 00:42158 KB
fileOn the growth of large perfect crystals of sodium nitrate_ S N Komnik_ V I Startsev_ 1968_ nottheborg.pdf2022-02-21 00:44283 KB
fileOrganicReactions.png2022-02-21 00:44829 KB
fileOxidation_Ladder.png2022-02-21 00:44387 KB
filePEN_Homopolymer_Prep_scintillator-material.pdf2022-02-21 00:4430 KB
filePhysical Properties of Crystals_ An Introduction_ Siegfried Haussuhl_ 2007.pdf2022-02-21 00:443558 KB
filePrecision Crystallization_ Theory and Practice of Controlling Crystal Size_ Ingo Leubner_ 2009.pdf2022-02-21 00:444500 KB
filePurification of Laboratory Chemicals_ 6th Ed_ WLF Armarego_ Christina Chai_ 2009.pdf2022-02-21 00:4415933 KB
fileResponsive biomimetic networks from polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels_ P H J Kouwer_ M Koepf_ Others_ Nature Letter 2013.pdf2022-02-21 00:48553 KB
fileResponsive biomimetic networks from polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels_ Supplementary Info_ P H J Kouwer_ M Koepf_ Others_ Nature Letter 2013.pdf2022-02-21 00:421247 KB
fileShaped Crystals_ Growth by Micro-Pulling-Down Technique_ Tsuguo Fukuda_ Valery I Chani_ 2007.pdf2022-02-21 00:5014067 KB
fileSolutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry_ Robert Atkins_ Francis Carey.pdf2022-02-21 00:449416 KB
fileSpringer Handbook of Crystal Growth_ G Dhanaraj_ K Byrappa_ V Prasad_ M Dudley_ 2010.pdf2022-02-21 00:49213039 KB
fileStructure of Materials_ An Introduction to Crystallography Diffraction and Symmetry_ Marc De Graef_ Michael E McHenry_ 2007.pdf2022-02-21 00:4447552 KB
filesulfuric acid synthesis from thermal decomposition of iron pyrite FeS2.mht2022-02-21 00:42409 KB
fileSymmetry and Structure_ Readable Group Theory for Chemists_ 3rd Ed_ Sidney F A Kettle_ 2008.pdf2022-02-21 00:422488 KB
fileSymmetry Group Theory and the Physical Properties of Crystals_ Richard C Powell_ 2010.pdf2022-02-21 00:411500 KB
fileSymmetry through the Eyes of a Chemist_ 3rd Ed_ Magdolna Hargittai_ Istvan Hargitt_ 2009.pdf2022-02-21 00:4213048 KB
fileThe Chemical Bond in Inorganic Chemistry_ The Bond Valence Model_ I David Brown_ 2002.djvu2022-02-21 00:441827 KB
fileThe Chemistry of the Actinide and Transactinide Elements_ Joseph J Katz_ Lester R Morss_ Norman M Edelstein_ Jean Fuger_ 2007.pdf2022-02-21 00:4162605 KB
fileThe Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual_ A Students Guide to Techniques_ 8th Ed_ James W. Zubrick_ 2010.pdf2022-02-21 00:4210005 KB