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5 March, 2017

Last updated: Tue 31 Aug 2021 10:26:20 PM UTC

This is the list of articles I have put on this site. However, you can not assume that all articles are mine. Some I have mirrored. I've given sources where they are needed. If I've made a mistake, contact me.

All of my articles are prone to be updated at any time. I consider them Living Documents, as new information comes. Unfortunately, due to using this limited service (as opposed to a true VPS), I can not set anything up for versioning history, other than the IPFS backup. I do not self-censor. Also, I always put the newest revision date in the header.

Note: Many articles are considered lost and I have only recently begun to rewrite them. Do not be supprised by 404s

The list:

This list is in Alphabetical Order of actual File-name