A Brief Thought on Psychology

Published: Tue Dec 3 20:23:37 UTC 2019

Last update: Tue Dec 3 20:53:14 UTC 2019

Note: This was originally published in different form on the social media platform GNU Social

I wish to make a note on an incident which occurred only a few hours ago on a city bus. The incident scared me slightly, but only slightly. Two young women were on the bus, both of them mentally retarded. One woman had apparent dwarfism and was morbidly obese. She was of possible Pakistani origin. The second was white, and while looking 14 years of age was most likely in her early 20s. What did unnerve me was not the fact that these individuals were mentally retarded, but rather the overheard conversations between them and their handler.

This brought memories back of my own abuses as a child when I was drugged to the point I was not only considered an equal to these individuals, but was. The complete hindering of neurological function due to the mass drugging and the continued existence of constant external pressure suggesting that this was who I was.

The patronizing and child-like demeanor the handler held toward these lesser-minded persons I remembered all too well being instructed in this same way. Along with the conversations and lapses of reason, the illiteracy, and the missing of memories of events that occurred only moments prior all embodied remembrance of a youthful endeavor that was an ever-changing flip-flop of both rebellion against this abuse, and believing that these false claims of mental illness were in fact true.

I make the claim of MKUltra often, and I do believe myself to perhaps have been a victim of this if not other organized conspiracy. You may disagree with me on this point, or you may believe this is an embellished part of my backstory. Believe what you will, it is my claim.

The fundamental flaws of our society, I feel, lie in the Pharmaceutical and Psychological industries whom have long-abandoned any concept of rational thinking or science, and now either 1) peddle an agenda for conspiracy (whom the conspiracy actualizes itself as a matter of debate, but includes the pharmaceutical industry), 2) for the means of profit within a capitalistic market program (make unwell for repeated treatment), and of course 3) a legitimate belief in falsehood, such as trusting the self-imposed authority of DSM Lawyers.

The psychologist himself is only a replacement of the archaic Spanish concept of Missionary. What do I mean by this? I make of course an allusion to the concept of the Conquistador and the Missions of early California. The missionaries and nuns legitimately believed themselves to be performing the work of God by depriving the native inhabitants of their perceived heathenism and denying them food and water until they accepted Christ as a truth.

The same is true (in allusion) for the modern psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist has been mistrained by the academic institution to believe in a corrupted form of what was once legitimate science (but is no longer) and from this false ideology, the psychiatrist then follows a dogma of what the belief of the human mind is and attempts to repair it, in this process often finding non-issues and calling such things issues. These non-issues are far too often elements of the human condition, and the dogma of the psychologist ignores the basics of the human condition.

These Retarded people I had seen on the bus had brought back strong memories of my own abuses, and I too must wonder if the assigned treatment we are giving them (found within the handler) in which (perhaps from birth) we are coddling them into an infantile state is in fact part of the cause of their condition. I feel we should also ask ourselves if it is a worthwhile life for the Retard to take them to the point of training them over-politeness and toilet training only for them to be a Human-Monkey and punch buttons on a cash register for the rest of their life, that is: to be deprived of the soul but emulate the concept of a soul just enough to put them within the dredge of society.

I fundamentally feel that simply leaving these individuals alone until such a time as radical change within the field of psychiatry and psychology is created is the ultimate solution. It may be considered fanatical or dramatic, but to have the retard without a handler allows the natural selection process of humanity to continue.

The fundamental flaw in modern psychology is the advocating of experimental drugs in order to fix perceived problems. These perceived problems are often not problems but creations of DSM Lawyers in what I allege to be a mass conspiracy of a cabal of Psychiatrists, Politicians, and Pharmaceutical Companies. ADHD, an incredibly fictional disease of the mind, is all to often assumed not only to be present in numerous children but also to be curable with forms of Methamphetamine. This was the solution of the early 21st century, the rise of what I call the "Ritalin Fad". This is only one of numerous fads, even predating the 21st century.

The next rise of fictional diseases of the mind was the rise of Bipolar Disorder, now further divided into two subsets. The Bipolar Disorder is often coupled with the claim of a "Chemical Imbalance" in the mind, a complete nonsensical term that no such test exists to check. The symptoms of this Bipolar Disorder include simply the claim of Manic levels of High Emotion (Anger, Happiness, Giddiness, and so on) with Manic levels of Low Emotion (depression, sadness, sloth). These severe extremes in the older days would be called human angst. Bipolar Disorder's claim is not only a corruption of the concept of angst however. It is also the concept of fits of mania causing these emotions to enter an individual in a sea of constant rapid change (hence the name). The solutions proposed for this are numerous. However, I propose that the rise in this fictional disease fits the symptoms of another obvious element.

The rise of Bipolar Disorder coincides almost entirely with the rise of pharmaceutical Methamphetamines to treat the first fictional condition mentioned, AD(H)D. The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder are also the observed symptoms of any man on Meth or even Crack Cocaine. Extreme Highs at the simultaneous time of extreme lows, and fits of not only mania but delusion. We can then say that the creation of ADHD and its purported treatment caused the rise (and invention) of Bipolar disorder.

I wish to go further into one of the so-called greatest tragedies of this century, and the past two decades. This is the rise of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. I want to make a distinction here: Autism Spectrum Disorder is not Autism. The two were, from the early days of their first diagnosis, completely separate things. They remain this to this day. All too often they are confused. Autism is a type of mental retardation, while Autism Spectrum Disorder is what is commonly referred to as "Autism" today.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder has such a large range of "High Functioning" to "Low Functioning" that it should then be considered to contain the entirety of the human race. A majority of what is considered "High Functioning" is the concept of Aspbergers Syndrome. It is primarily that which I will concern myself here with in this essay as it is something I know quite a large amount of.

The concept of Aspbergers Syndrome was first developed in the 1940's, but it was not until the 1990's that the first major diagnoses of this form of "High-Functioning Autism" were beginning to be made. Observing the Asperger-claimed individual one can then say the following: The Aspergers-claimed individual (in my view) has been convinced so heavily of his own fictional mental illness that he then himself becomes a repressed individual of numerous counts of his own free agency and will. The symptoms of the Aspergers person are often coupled with increased IQ. These individuals whom some even call Indego Children I argue are simply individuals traumatized at a young age while acting normal to the human condition that they have created an aversion to it and fetishized the opposite.

Due to this fetishization of the opposite, in a complete and utter repression of emotion and human-esque thought, the Aspergers-claimed individual then has a complete internal meltdown of all cognitive function which is why often the Aspbergers-claimed individual has such observed doubts of flamboyant Anger, Giddiness, perceived rudeness, and so on, along with the occasional observation of fear of an unknown due to his failure to peruse the unknown due to this inversion of emotion.

It is only ironically that I mention IQ in this case, as due to a side-consequence to this childhood loss of the want of emotion, he then has grown to be a logical being who is able to then see his emotions as an outsider. Perhaps similar to the concept of Disassociative Identity Disorder but nowhere near as intense. This is, he has developed the logical functions of his brain better and these portions of thought are able to observe from afar his own emotional state as almost a different person.

It is fundamentally the flaw of the modern psychologist to see such things in all three of these listed ailments as problems to be fixed with hard drugs. I myself was victim of several fads in the 21st century including the original famous one I have already mentioned, the "Ritalin" fad. This was but the start of a long history of abuse and what I perceive as human experimentation. I was also a part of experimental treatments in Lithium, Abilify, Geodon, Serequil, Trazadone, and numerous other drugs I can not recall the name of.

I will speak briefly on several of these. All know of Ritalin, but perhaps less know of Lithium. Lithium, a form of medicated salt, is prescribed for a number of ailments. Lithium dosage tends to be between 30mg-60mg. During my human experimentation period, I was taking between 100mg-600mg multiple times throughout the day. At these dosages, the brain has an essential state of complete sedative and is the equivalent to a temporary chemical lobotomy. This incredible amount of drugging multiple times a day was not by itself as I was also being force-fed other drugs as well. Lithium causes extreme dehydration in low amounts, and I have never been able to get past a feeling of dry mouth to this day.

The Abilify drug, marketed as a cure-all for Bipolar, ADHD, and Clinical Depression, is a drug recently recalled as it causes compulsive tendencies. Abilify is a crazy little blue pill that is in about 5mg. I would take nearly 10 a day almost with every dose of other things.

Serequil was marketed to me first as a solution to my misdiagnoses of ADHD and Bipolar. Serequil is another drug given in 10-25mg small doses. This was given to me in 100-500mg doses multiple times a day. Serequil, as I said, was first marketed to me as an ADHD medicine. Then it was marketed to me as a Bipolar medicine (as my diagnoses change). Finally it was marketed to me as a sleeping pill. This last marketed thing is another observed fad, "The Serequil Fad" in which serequil was being given for a multitude of disorders that it was not designed to treat. In truth, Serequil is a powerful Anti-Psychotic designed to quell the voices of the schizophrenic (at the cost of his free will, of course).

For the sake of brevity, I remain brief on the other few (and after all they're not a complete list):

Geodon: a drug that lowers blood pressure to the point of near-death

Trazadone: Like serequil, another fad in the industry to market an anti-psychotic as something asinine such as a sleeping pill.

Fundamentally (and I speak from my experience) I was diagnosed by believers of the dogma of DSM lawyers first (at age 3) with ADHD due to fidgeting in a chair as a 3 year old would do. My second diagnoses was Bipolar Disorder, due to the Methamphetimines I was being given. Finally, after being heavily sedated with Anti-Psychotics being misperscribed I was then diagnosed with Aspbergers Syndrome. It was not until I renounced this Neo-Psychiatry —the dogma of the DSM Lawyers— and went against my own Doctors advice and stopped taking all these things did I have the long-lost clarity of the self-right of thought. It was a very difficult thing to do as since age 3 I was told that if I stopped taking these things, boogy-man like things would begin to happen including threats of shots due to refusal to take medicine, and the possibility of straight jackets, along with other stereotypes of EVIL already known in the concept of historical psychology.

Already by the point I had become disillusioned with these hard drugs had I been through hell and came out another side. I had been drugged to the point I had difficulty telling apart a square from a circle. Due to my own increased paranoia and nonsense thought, I was removed from school (where I had already been within Special Education since Second Grade due to my mania) and then entered a form of Special Education designed to train the Retarded into being higher members of Retarded. I argue here was an epicenter for an MKUltra experience, and also consequently a peak of pure —perhaps Lovecraftian in nature— horror that I experienced. I do not wish to divulge into detail within this essay. Rather, I wish the reader to become aware of this.

Not only was this a peak, but by this peak I had been sent to mental institutions a number of 47 different times.

We all too often have individuals who are told by their DSM-Dogma Followers that they are disordered. They have a disease of the mind. These individuals in the contemporary world are already made neutralized and pacified by fluoride and other factors that they do not second-guess the thoughts of their doctor. Worse than this, they blindly accept prescription drugs to treat the untreatable, including fictional made-up ailments that even the believers in say there is no treatment for (Including Aspbergers). The worse-than-that are the persons who then cling onto this false disorder as a notion of in-group identity. I see too often an individual whom has accomplished nothing, or near-nothing with their life to then put within their self-description "I am a high-functioning Autistic" and so on and so forth. Perhaps connected to this is the fact that so many of the Homosexuals of the LGBTQ+ Identity Politics culture call themselves these fake disorders on social media.

My conclusion (if I am permitted to have one on an essay published to social media itself) is this: The fundamental discoveries of Jung, Freud, Leary, et all are not what the modern Psychiatrist concerns himself with. Rather, the psychiatrist's education is fascinated instead with the concept of "Cure" via means of what "Needs to be cured" via the DSM-Dogma created by lawyers. It is fundamentally through this conspiracy, whether intentional or not on the role of the psychiatrist, that the population continues to become more and more docile, ill, and dumber.