Let's talk about your hOuSe

12 January 2016

Imagine, you live in a house you bought 4 years ago for a huge amount of money. It has a living room, a kitchen and a toilet sit in the kitchen. The bathroom was planned to be installed, for free, so said the architect, but this have not happened.

The living room is painted in blue and is quite small. All few centimetres the plaster is falling from the walls and there are big holes all over. You have to wait two months so someone from the construction company can fix that.

As you bought the house, you didn’t notice, but all furniture were fixed, screwed to the floor. Well, you actually have not bought the house, as it is now. No, it was built for you for free. One day you came home from holidays and found that your 3 years old house was not anymore the same you left it. It appeared to be a totally new one. From the outside, you can call it a modern house. Fancy colours, nice windows, strange looking roof.

Imagine further, you are sitting on the couch in your living room reading a book, let it be Tolstoy’s"War and Peace". The next day, returning home from your 9 to 5 job, you enter the kitchen and open the door of your refrigerator, you find a 30 cm wide wooden board with neon writing "Sign up now! For just 5$ you get the next three months all issues of the Military Vehicles Magazine". You close the door totally startled.
What was that?

Going to the living room, plunging on the comfy couch as you always do, trying to switch the TV on and you read written on the still black screen in blinking red and blue letters: "Other readers have bought Anna Karenina as well, buy now for just 11.95$, offer valid only until Friday! 85% of the books on the stock already sold. CALL NOW!".
What the f… was that?

You are still sitting on the couch as two strangers pass a meter from you, saying nothing. They are just watching around in your living room, one seem to be a Chinese citizen, the other probably from Nigeria. The next three passersby were all men in black. They disappeared quickly again.

They were always strangers in your house. But you haven’t noticed them yet that clear as right now. You see now all the cameras following you, wherever you go. How couldn’t I noticed that before?

You want to run out of the house, but as you just made two steps, the ceiling falls on your head. After some minutes you wake up and see your usual living room.

Finally, you are outdoor, looking at your house and see the huge house number beside the entry: "10". You are scratching your head. You thought all the time that you are live at the number 7. Or was it 8?

The neighbour sees you starring around stunned and calls you to come into his house. All the years you have passed his house and already heard about such a house, but you never visited one. You are very interested in finding out more.

You enter the house and you are from the beginning happy to see no holes on the walls. "They come every few days and fix them", the neighbour says while I was smiling. You enter further into the living room which is a big room with thousands of closed doors. Looking around you see, you can put any thing were you want it to be, with just two fingers. The TV is upside down, but the neighbour says: "It happens from time to time, wait a second" and knocks three times on the floor with his hand. The TV flips back to the normal position.

As you are sitting in the big fluffy seats, the neighbour kicks once on the table in front of him and 20 very good ol’ friends just come into his house and do some cleaning and fixing. Few minutes later, they are all gone and the room looked much more pleasurable. You ask your neighbour: " Do you have some people sometimes in your house which you don’t know?" – "Never."

You’re not just smiling, you cry for joy. For the first time you feel happy and really free. You know you want that house and think about stealing it from the neighbour, but the neighbour senses this and tells you: &qupt;You want a new home like mine? You can have it right away, just click on distrowatch.com and chose one you want. It’s free. – Oh, I forgot, maybe you are religious. Then visit fsf.org."

Why to use a GNU Linux distribution?

That’s simple. Because if you learn more about your old, wide spread operating system like Windows 10 or Mac OS X and their drive for profit (attention: yes YOU have been squeezed for years), then right away you want to hammer your head on the wall all the time and you’ll say: why I haven’t switched earlier?

I know, in the past, using Linux was for nerds or guys who were at least power users because the learning curve was quite steep. But today, there is no excuse not to use a Linux. Download, burn to CD, restart computer. And there you are, using Linux.

Search on DuckDuckGo for Snowden, software backdoor, privacy and further malicious ads and you may have a glimpse of the evil doings of those operating systems and the multi billion dollar companies behind them.

I thought at first as I had to use the preview of Windows 10 that Microsoft will shift to more open source and be more customer friendly respecting privacy and helping people to get what they want. But short time after, Microsoft evils face came into the view. They just want more billions, no matter what.

Check the links in the title above and start reading about. I don’t want to repeat what is already said billion fold over the internet. Check FSF, Ubuntu and others.

With free and open source software, you have the full control of the code and can use and modify it to match your needs.

Closed software can basically have instructions to kill you, which you will never know, as nobody can see the code behind it. Love your life, use Linux.

There is an alternative to the evil doing! It’s so easy to reach. Just grab it!!! (and spread the message).