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fileBloodstain Pattern Analysis - An Introduction to Crime Scene Reconstruction.pdf2022-02-21 01:4416491 KB
fileDead Reckoning The Art of Forensic Detection.pdf2022-02-21 01:442589 KB
fileForensic Interpretation of Bloodstain Evidence at Crime Scenes.pdf2022-02-21 01:4435033 KB
fileHandbook For Death Scene Investigators.pdf2022-02-21 01:443970 KB
fileHomicide Investigation-A Practical Handbook-Burt Rapp.pdf2022-02-21 01:443873 KB
fileTime of Death, Decomposition and Identification.pdf2022-02-21 01:4414887 KB
fileUS Department Of Justice Death Scene Investigation.pdf2022-02-21 01:44451 KB