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Version 2, last updated by Cecer at 2009-03-15
Holograph Emulator
Total Database Pooling

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: My server won't start!
A: Try debug, check your mysql.ini file and the MySQL driver

Q: I get alot of errors when I am using Dissi's source!
A: Use the clean database in the project folder if none of the help in this page is relevent and as a last resort.

Q: Omg! I get disconnected every 10 minutes!
A: Try changing your ports. Don't use port 21 since some firewalls interrupt them.

Q: Some times, I get "[virtualRoom.cycleStatuses] >> Thread was being aborted" or "[virtualRoom.cycleStatuses] >> Coccection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute".
A: This is because someone clicked on the door or exited the room.

Q: After installing a new catalogue page/catalogue intem, the server crash when starting it.
A: Check that none of the fields is empty in catalogue_items.

Q: I can not sit/lay on chairs/beds.
A: Your furniture table is in the incorrect format. Use the furniture-alter.sql file in the Revision 15.


Questions and Answers By:
  • maritnmine
  • Cecer1

Cleaning of some questions By:
  • Cecer1

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