8 August, 2016

Last Updated: Fri 09 Oct 2020 02:46:15 AM UTC

I have gathered a number of links over the last few years that I feel are interesting, neat, and the like. See, back in the early days of the web, all websites had link pages due to web search engines being a new technology not yet utilized by all and was glitchy anyway. This page provides a nice source to my links. If they 404 due to Net Rot, there's always the Internet Archive to try and access them!

  • TheHappening.infoa website featuring a variety of images and videos randomly appearing in an effort to Redpill the viewer. This is a /pol/lack creation. Dead since forever cuz viic is lazy

  • Murdercube — An archive to a large variety of information (such as infograph guides), as well as hosting links and other things. This is a /k/ommando creation. (ON HIATUS)

  • Daily Stormer — The Most Censored Publication in Modern History

  • Cat-v: Random Contrarian Insurgent Organization — Things Considered Harmful — Thought of as the laughing-stock of the internet, created by self-important ``Philosopher'' Uriel, and frequently calling themselves a Trolling Business, some (definitely not all) of their philosophies are alright. These people forked Plan 9 from Bell Labs into a wonderfully esoteric operating system too. They are software autism taken to levels previously thought impossible.

  • Murdoch Murdoch — A comedic series of videos by a trio of people calling themselves ``Dr. Murdoch'', ``Murdoch-Chan'', and ``Murdoch''. They have once called themselves ``/pol/'s youtube channel'' and their original videos were made especially for that chan board. Their release of videos has greatly slowed since they have made them more elaborate. Originally, they were making single-shot cheap videos, but now they have recurring characters, heavy plot lines, and an increased quality in their stop-motion animation.

  • Dr. Wilson's Math 300 Course of Sonoma University — Get more educated with Math.

  • Jeff Rense's Website — Jeff Rense presents a Drudge Report-like link aggregator, alternative ads, and Rense Radio, a free-thinking radio network. He has been doing this for several months longer than Matt Drudge, as well.

  • The Install Gentoo Wiki — A wiki made by 4chan's /g/ and 8chan's /tech/ to be a tech-centric wiki. Pretty good. I used to edit it frequently but now not so much.

  • Contemporary Home Computing — This site hosts the philosophical articles of a personal inspiration of mine, Olia Lialina, and her colleague Dragan E. Together, they make a philosophical team of the tech world, art that's the schwayest in all of cyberspace, and give a long-forgotten history lesson to the real history of the web.

  • ToastyTech — Quite the E-Celeb back in the 1990's during the Microsoft vs DOJ scandal, he has somewhat fallen into obscurity, but his site is still kept up-to-date without hiatus. Pretty interesting information, opinion, and self-made programs.

That's it for now...